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Mid-Week Lenten Worship Wednesdays at 6:30pm

The Pastor will preach a sermon series on the ten stages of grief as set forth by Granger Westberg in his book entitled “Good Grief.”  Any loss causes grief, and all will suffer through the process of  grieving.  The loss of employment, the death of a beloved pet, failing to achieve a goal, being denied access to opportunities or promotions, mental or physical decline, no longer being able to drive, no longer being able to live at home, a broken relationship, loneliness, or the loss of a loved one to death causes grief in a person’s life.  Understanding the stages of grief and God’s loving support through each stage is essential for a disciple to move through the stages faithfully.  Also, this understanding will empower a disciple to help others experience God’s loving support in their grief.  Please plan to join us each Wednesday for this important message.  

March 4th    

Stage One:       We are in a state of shock.

Stage Two:         We Express Emotion.

March 11th

Stage Three: We feel depressed and very lonely

State Four: We may experience physical symptoms of distress


March 18th

Stage Five: We may become panicky

Stage Six:   We feel a sense of guilt about the loss


March 25th

Stage Seven: We are filled with anger and resentment

Stage Eight: We resist returning


April 1st

Stage Nine: Gradually hope comes through

Stage Ten: We struggle to affirm reality

Lent 1 2020
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Lent 2 2020
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Lent 3 2020
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