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Hello Confirmation 2020 Parents! Class begins this Sunday at 4:00pm! 

Please come by the church Wednesday (August 19) or Thursday (August 20) from 8:00-1:00 pm or Sunday (August 23) by 11:30am to pick up a copy of “Free To Be” and “Luther’s Small Catechism, so your student will be prepared and will have completed their homework assignment for the first day of class. 


What Each Student Should Bring to Each Class:


1.                  A Bible (New Revised Standard Version).

2.                  Your Copy of “Free To Be” student book (Provided by the Congregation)

3.                  Your Copy of “Luther’s Small Catechism” (Provided by the Congregation)

4.                  A notebook with side pockets

5.                  Paper to write notes on

6.                  A pen or pencil


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, all classes will meet in the fellowship hall from 4:00pm – 5:00pm. (PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE NEW CLASS TIME).  The students are required to wear masks and will be socially distanced from each other and the Pastor while sitting at individual tables in the fellowship hall.  The students are also instructed to socially distance in the hallways as they walk to and from class.  Since we are meeting in the fellowship hall, PLEASE DROP OFF AND PICK UP YOUR CHILD AT THE GLASS DOORS ON “K” AVENUE BY THE NURSERY.                         All other doors will remain locked.   


​We look forward to seeing you all this Sunday. ​